Casa Mission’s Private Dining Room Casa Mission is just the place where you feel at home! The decoration and style of a Mexican house, the warm attention of Mexican hospitality and the absolutely authentic flavor of traditional Mexican food dishes make Casa Mission the perfect place for a private dinner, whether as a couple or in a group. It is undoubtedly a guarantee for the special occasion.... From: 400 usd

The Flavors of Mexico The best gastronomy in the world includes in its top 10, Traditional Mexican cuisine, considered cultural heritage of humanity, declared by UNESCO. Casa Mission has managed to recreate a sample of traditional Mexican cuisine in its menu and has prepared this unique experience, so that you can taste the most representative of each region of the flavors of Mexico.... From: 50 usd

Ceviche Tasting The custom of preparing Ceviche began in pre-Inca times with the Mochica culture who prepared a dish based on fresh fish marinated with the juice of a citrus fruit called “tumbo” and local herbs. During the Inca empire, the preparation of ceviche was modified.... From: 75 usd

Handmade Tortilla Tacos, quesadillas, chilaquiles, tostadas, synchronized, enchiladas, are among many other gastronomic delights, dishes prepared with corn tortillas. And although making the tortilla is not complicated, it is necessary to learn some secrets to make the perfect tortilla...... From: 25 usd

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